United States Restoration, Inc.
Balcony repair and restoration: Replace defective concrete and install new.

Brick and stone pointing: Remove existing mortar with a pneumatic grinder. Mix appropriate ratio of sand and concrete to match previous color of mortar and re point to required specifications.

Concrete and masonry restoration, resetting and coating: Cut out with necessary tools and replace with required concrete to match or exceed previous conditions.

Limestone repair: Cut out defective limestone and patch with lime stone patching material.
Caulking: Remove defective caulking install backer-rod and new sealant including expansion joints windows etc.

Epoxy injection: Identify structural cracks install ports inject epoxy to enhance structural integrity.

Waterproofing: can provide a breathable or completely sealed surface on Brick, concrete or the majority of porous or fine surfaces.

Cleaning: Restore you exterior surfaces to its original quality creating a like new appearance.

Parking deck restoration and repairs: Restore Parking garage to original quality for pneumatic traffic and structural purposes.

Elastomeric coating: Clean existing building, paint with elastomeric coating to provide moisture protection.

Flashing repairs: Remove defective brick and install metal flashing and or rubber to provide structural and waterproof integrity.

Exterior preventive maintenance: To save money for future maintenance inspect and create preventative measure for future leaks and exterior deterioration.